“The Shop” Diorama


-“The Shop” Diorama-

By: Vaughn H.  

Date: April 2008

About the builder:   This is Vaughn’s second contribution to the site. Another great creation using a pre-manufactured piece as the base and some detail pieces.

This project started as an Ertl Dealership building which I used to make a mini display. This was a relatively simple project, I started with a piece of luan board 36″x48″, Next, I painted the area where the building will set with gray primer , then traced around the building and masked that area off. To make the paved areas, I used black textured paint for the base coat, then added a light coat of flat black. For the grass and gravel areas I brushed on a thick coat of white glue, then added the turf and gravel. I allowed 24 hrs drying time between each step. I glued the building together and covered the joints with styrene strips. For detail painting I used a thin sheet of styrene for the floor in the parts dept, the shop floor is the painted base board. Some of the signs inside are decals and some I just cut out of magazine ads. I set this up for a farm equipment dealership, but for this site I used trucks for display pieces. The interior detail pieces are several different scales, as we all know 1/64 details are not easy to find. Some of the detail pieces that came with the set are actually closer to 1/48. I have found that with proper placement you can mix different scales and come up with a unique display. Hope you enjoy!!


Front View



Rear View


Parts and Sales Department

Some of the details in this area came with the building set, the office furniture is 1/48 scale Plastruct products. the vending machines are 1/64 from an S scale train supplier. The truck tires look a little big in this shot but they are actually 1/64 scale.



Some Shop Activity





Scratch Built Shop Details

Parts Washer, Sandblast Cabinet and Tire Machine


The large detail parts are attached to the building, this makes it easier to place the small detail parts and vehicles on the board and then set the building on.


Air Compressor System


Miller Welder


Some Additional Exterior layout Pictures




Another awesome build Vaughn – Thanks for sharing this with us……

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