Steve’s Garage


-Steve’s Garage Dioramas-

About the builder: My name is Steve M. and I am from Columbus, Ohio… I am 52 years young… I have been collecting diecast since I was about 5 or so… One of those guys that never really grew up all the way… I guess I got into customizing the little cars back when the old Aurora HO slot cars were so popular and the custom wheels and slicks were available for them… I used to take the old Matchbox and Hot Wheels and change the tires and wheels and make them look cool… Also working and building 1/25 model cars all those years has helped in my ideas…


Making a sale in the showroom of the Mustang Connection. The Pepsi machine was made from a block of balsa wood with a photo of a 12 pack reduced to size. The picture behind the salesman head is my real 82 Mustang GT.


This dealership was inspired by a small used car lot of the 70’s, which I watched grow to one of the largest Mustang sales and restoration company in America. Of course the name was changed to protect the innocent.


Right side service bay. Car lift is from an old Hot Wheels play set, spare tire rack made from paperclips and strips of modelers styrene plastic, red tool chest is from the Hot Wheels Home Improvement set, workbenches are carved from balsa wood and tools added to the pegboard, also many spare parts from various diecast cars. Once again the picture of the 82 GT on the wall.


Left side service bay. The tire changer is carved from a block of balsa wood, toothpicks, and styrene plastic. The compressor, lockers, bench, and drill press were ordered from a favorite website, and hand painted. All the posters and advertisements were cut from hot rod mail order catalogs and reduced to size. The doors to the showroom are clear plastic cut from a package and lined with auto pinstripe tape.


The waiting room. A cool place to watch the big screen TV while your Mustang is being serviced. Pay the cashier on your way out ! All the people were found in various play sets and changed a little to fit the needs.


The Hot Rod Garage is the place for all your High Performance needs. The garage, like all the buildings are constructed of .093 plexi-glass. All the fronts and some backs are sheet styrene plastic and are removable for interior photos and easy set ups.


A new set of tires. All the accessories in this right side view are handcrafted from balsa wood and misc. spare parts from various diecast cars. This is my first handcrafted building, so I have let it get quite dusty to give it that old messy shop look.


Center view, where the tire changer is doing his job. Again, all accessories are handcrafted from balsa wood, toothpicks, paperclips, and fine wire.


This left side view shows the car lift and ramps.


Diecast Dragway… I’m a Ford man…


Entrance to The Bone Yard Auto Salvage


Left side Bone Yard


Right side Bone Yard


Going camping


Pro Stocks on the drag strip


Live Rock~N~Roll at the car show…


We would like to thank Steve for letting us display some of his work….hopefully, we will see more from him…..

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