Schuco History

Schuco History


Schuco History

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Audi 100 Pieces

The Schuco models are 1:66th in scale and were manufactured between 1969 and 1976 at the same time as the Piccolo models. The mark ” Schuco” (from Schreyer and CO. Nuremberg) belonged at that time to the Simba Dickie Group and were offered, among other things, very detailed current models in 1:87, 1:72 and 1:43. These were available in small plastic showcases. This reference is concentrated on the 1:66 models and which included some brothers from France (under the name Norev) and from Brazil (under the name REI). There is not much posted about the later two so we will only touch on their existence.


Axle attachment in the base plate (yet not riveted).

The trucks of this series are very special; the Büssing and Faun models come of directly from the Piccolo line, thus they are not the traditional 1:66 scale, rather, are approximately 1:90. They merely had to adapt the molds to the new requirements and had to manufacture some additional parts in plastic to save costs.In addition, the Mercedes Bus, already coming of from the Piccolo series as item O321 ranks among this series – It is still smaller yet with a scale of approximately 1: 125. The Magrius trucks measure 1:75 scale.


Orange Blistercard (1975)

All of the models in the series had their chassis and body installed with a plug connector. The only exceptions were the VOLKSWAGEN gulf, VOLKSWAGEN Scirocco, VOLKSWAGEN Polo, VOLKSWAGEN transporter and/or bus, Ford Transit Box which were riveted. The models of Norev and REI were always riveted in this way installed – The Norev models also had their own wheels.


Plastic Showcase Schuco

Already too ” Schuco Zeiten” some models were broadly manufactured. These carry the Schuco logo, but in place; Larva in Germany” stands then ” PR. WELL Z.F. DE MANAUS” on the chassis. These models were thus already in Brazil with; REI/Alfema, utilizing original Schuco molds. The actual reproductions from Brazil originated at a later date – approximately the mid-80’s – Their catalog for 1986 shows most models of the series listed.


Silver Blister (first release 1976)

In 2004 I returned to collecting these castings, which were not easy to come by in Germany. I had to trade my matchbox exchanged for many of the models in my collection. Fascinatingly the small Flitzer was received by me because of the detail loyalty I had to the brand and because I had the first Renault R16 already.When I had gotten my first Volkswagen transporter with actually opening sliding door (those had, however, unfortunately broken off and therefore only had bonded), I wanted more of the models. NOw it is not hard to come by the model, the concern is actually the shape of the models themseleves. Since they were meant to be a toy, it is diffcult to find “mint” subjects for the purpsoe fo collecting.


10 Pack Set

 This 10 pack is extremely rare. And it is guessed that it orginated sometime between 1975 or 1976, because the recent model – the Escort II – was onyl released in the year 1975. The packing has its own number (301,803) and is in its well-known blue and silver packaging.


Sale Stand for Schuco Dealers

For dealers Schuco had a special sales stand. Two versions were offered: as Nº 301,800 with 84 passenger cars (21 types of 4) and as Nº 301,801 with 84 racing cars (21 types of 4). While the stand is original it is no longer filled – I arranged these pieces for the actual pictures to illustrate its look.


Blisterpack Norev

One of the models that I do not possess in my collection is this model; which a friend lent me for picture purposes .


Cardboard Showcase Norev

Some additional comments on the package coloring – Schuco released their cars in a plentifully number of variations – some 200+ colours.


Plastic Showcase REI

As most collectors know – the value of items can be high one day and realtively low the next. As part of my collection I was trying to secure pieces with the included literature to make the group complete. Sometimes this required waiting for the right time and place to acquire the castings.



Important: This is a purely meant for the private side of a collecting and the proper logos and name belong to the respective holders. For the correctness of the data I cannot give any guarantees as to the correctness of the details presented although every effort was used to validate.

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