Rebel Rods White Lightnings


Rebel Rods – White Lightnings

White Lightning were the “chase” collectible of the series – as with all Johnny Lightning Series.  White Lightnings accounted for approximately 1% of the over all run and had varying characteristics depending upon the series.

White Lightning Series Breakdown

Series 1 = white interior, hard wheels. 

However – Due to a factory error with the order on Series 1, those White Lightnings came in both hard plastic and Hoosier rubber tires.  NOTE: Since Playing Mantis doesn’t know exactly how many with Real Wheels were made, they declared the real wheel cars with white interior official White Lightning cars as well. (info verified 10/17/02).  Considering White Lightnings are 1% of a given production run, there aren’t many to start with; playing the percentages makes the Real Wheels White Lightning Rebel Rods from series 1 even more rare.

Series 2 = white chassis, white rims and hard wheels

Series 3 = pearl white chassis, engine, tinted windows and hard wheels

Series 4 = white chassis, gold rims, gold engine, tinted windows and hard wheels. 


Thanks to Hot Rod Al for the info.

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