Rebel Rods 2 – The Series That Never Was


Rebel Rods 2 – The Series That Never Was

A documented timeline into the development and death of Johnny Lightning’s Rebel Rods 2.

In the Beginning

The first release of Rebel Rods 2 were to be in stores in July 2003. There were plannedto be 4 releases; two to three months apart. Packaging was also to be updated. The card art showed a Duster with velocity stacks (subject to change of course). These did not have the decals as an added pack-in, but instead were to have the drag light tree that had been used in the Tom Daniel Dragsters series.

 …. As Time Went On

    • Rumor has it that two T-Birds and a Mustang will show up in Rebel Rods 2. (2/25/2003)
    • Prototype pic, cars included were: Chrome 56 Nomad, blue 71 Riviera, purple 70 Road Runner, black 67 Camaro convertible, white 69 Mustang and a copper 67 Belvedere. Pic shown below. (3/14/2003) [Note: some of these would later be used in the Spoilers Series]


    • Casting tampo side numbering would be changed.  The numbers would be reset based on a marketing decision. (3/17/2003)
    • There was a Corvette planned in release 3. (3/17/2003)
    • Uncertainty if this new series will be called Rebel Rods 2 or Street Freaks II. (4/30/2003)
    • Initial Release has been pushed back to October and Follow-up release has been delayed until 2004. (5/21/2003)
    • Are the Rebel Rods/Street Freaks dead? More evidence that they are being replaced by a series called ZINGERS per the latest information in the Johnny Lightning News Flash! (quarterly issue of the club newsletter)
    • zing*er… 1) a pointed witty remark or retort; 2) Twinkie knock0ff (7/23/2003)
    • Its official, Rebel Rods 2 is dead. R.I.P (7/31/2003)
    • The Street Freaks name is back, but it’s in a new program, not a new series. The program includes 8 different series. (9/16/2003)
The Planned Lineup for Rebel Rods 2 (proposed)

A black car in every release, these were to be limited to 5,000 pieces and the others were to be made at 10,000 pieces. 90% hard wheels/10% real wheels. White Lightnings were to have hard wheels only. All real wheels would have the Hoosier tire pad print. Because this list was not quite finalized, it is not 100% accurate.

Rebel Rods 2-1: Cragar S/S wheels
`70 Mustang, pearl white #8
`70 Road Runner, plum crazy #10
`67 Camaro Convertable, black #1
`72 Riviera, blue metallic #19
`55 Nomad, silver chrome #5
`67 Belvedere convertable, orange metallic #22

Rebel Rods 2-2: Cragar SST hard wheels and 6 spoke real wheels
`71 Cyclone, brown metallic #2
`75 Camaro, green metallic #4
`57 Nomad, plum purple metallic #20
`56 T-Bird convertable, black #17
`71 Grand Prix, blue chrome #3
`71 Duster, Nassau blue #15

Rebel Rods 2-3: Star 5 spoke hard wheels and Cragar S/S real wheels
`66 Mustang GT, red metallic #12
`70 Camaro RS, off white #14
`68 Corvette, black #6
`70 Monte Carlo, light blue metallic #11
`71 GTO, purple metallic #21
`00 Ford Tow Truck, gold chrome #24

Rebel Rods 2-4: Cragar S/S wheels
`67 Cutlass, unknown color #23
`67 GTO, medium green metallic #16
`58 T-Bird, reddish pink metallic #9
`69 Charger, black #13
`69 Camaro, red chrome #7
`69 Shelby, unknown color #18


Shown below are prototypes. These may also be called pre-production samples or test shots. Meaning, the Johnny Lightning designers receive no more than five of a casting from the factory to check on fit, finish and wheel type for example. This is the time where the designers make corrections and/or adjustments. Sometimes these cars make it into production, and sometimes they don’t.

NOTE: The pictures being used were sent anonymously for our use in this reference.  

Prototype Shots

rrprotorod01 rrprotorod02

rrprotorod03 rrprotorod04

rrprotorod05 rrprotorod06

rrprotorod07 rrprotorod08

rrprotorod09 rrprotorod10

rrprotorod11 rrprotorod12

rrprotorod13 rrprotorod14

rrprotorod15 rrprotorod16

rrprotorod17 rrprotorod19


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