Although many chemicals can be used to remove blisters from cards, there is a preferred product called “Oops!” (available at Wal-Mart).


Here is the cardback before being sprayed with Oops!


Somewhat hard to make out is the spray nozzle in the upper right corner, saturate the entire cardback.


Gently prying the blister away from the cardback. Before you begin this step, you will want to allow a few minutes for the chemical to soak into the cardboard.


Here is the car being freed. If you’re careful you should be able to free the car without entirely removing the blister. If you are, that will help facilitate re-blistering later.


In this picture the blister was entirely removed from the Cardback. Elmer’s glue is being applied in anticipation of re-blistering.


This shows the re-glued the blister on the cardback. (You usually will not do this until after you have customized the car). Although Elmer’s glue dries clear, you’ll still probably want to wipe away the excess for that professional look. Also, you may find it helpful to lay the card flat and place heavy objects on all four sides of the blister to hold it tight while it dries.

This is only one method for removing and re-applying blisters. But the process is pretty much the same no matter which chemical remover you use or what sort of glue you prefer for re-blistering. Other chemicals used to remove blisters are Goof-Off and standard lighter fluid which can also be referred to as Naptha.. The main benefit of Oops! is that it will not discolor the card back when it dries and leaves no residual odor after a day or so. And for re-blistering, I’m sure that Super Glue could probably be used with equal (or perhaps greater) effectiveness.

Good luck!


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