Printables- Part 1


Parking Lot Printables

By: Jason R.

Date: July 2007

Parking Lot Number 1

Jason has created this printing project anyone can do with a color printer and the files below.  This layout is printed in separate pages and then assembled. It is awesome layout for display, pictures or even play; and is simple to make.

The pictures show the parking lot when fully completed.




Below is the layout picture without cars – click on the picture to download the .pdf file containing all nine (9) pages for this layout.



Notes for Assembly: After printing all of the pieces, we trimmed some of the sides for a more seamless fit. We tacked the pieces in place so we could position them appropriately. Once all the pieces were positioned, each seam was taped.   We would recommend a bead of rubber cement under the flap of each seam on the display side of the layout to reduce the chance of curling, etc. In the display pictured, we had not completed that step.

This could also be mounted to foam board with simple spray adhesive for more permanent use – To see how we mounted these pieces on Foam Core Board PIRNTABLES – MOUNTING.

One additional use for these files would include printing in strips and using them on a shelf for display.   The road on one, sections of the lot another.

GREAT Job Jason!!

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