Playart – VW Station Wagon


[Article originally posted 6/29/2010 on]

 by: “dipstick” 

One of the original intents of the this web site was to provide a “showcase” for some of the intriguing pieces in our own collection as well as those of the contributors and viewers of this BLOG.   This is one such post. 

PlayArt has intrigued many collectors over the years if not with their unique castings then with their rainbow of colors.  What 40’s something child can’t remember going to the local Woolworth’s and picking out a PlayArt (their house-brand die cast) from the pegs.  While not the most detailed and sought after pieces of the time – competing directly with the new Hot Wheels brand, Johnny Lightning and Matchbox – they were great pieces in their own right.   Today, collectors are crazed with finding some of the highly sought after pieces like the DAF and VW Station Wagon. 

Our personal collection contains four such pieces of the later – Sporting colors of Yellow, Lime Green, Bright blue and red/orange.   The only four colors I have personal ever seen.  All four are mint examples with one slight wheel wear on the blue casting. 




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