Paint Stands- Wooden Dowel


Paint Stand – Wooden Dowel

Wooden Dowel Stands – These stands are only slightly more expensive and troublesome to make, but the rewards are astonishing! The first thing you’ll need to do is visit your local home improvement store (or lumber yard) and pick up the following:

One 2’x2′ sheet of 5/8″ plywood

Eight 3/8″x48″ pine (or oak) dowels

One 3/8″ drill bit (if you don’t have one already)

One 5/32″ drill bit (if you don’t have one already)
You should also get the boys at the home improvement store to rip the plywood into three 8″ wide pieces for you (they don’t have to be exact). And while they’re at it, see if they’ll chop the 48″ dowels into six 8″ lengths each. This will save you a bunch of time later at home.
Next you’ll take the plywood pieces and mark them (with a pencil) for drilling. Make two rows (lengthwise) spaced equally apart. Then mark drill holes every 3 inches. When you’re done, you should have 14 drill marks on each of the three pieces of plywood. Then take your drill with the 3/8″ bit installed and drill each of these holes. But don’t drill all the way through the plywood! Your holes should look like the two near the bottom of this photo:


Next you’ll take your 8″ dowels and center punch them on one end (we used an ice pick). When you have them center punched, you’ll then drill 5/32″ holes about 1/2″ deep as you see in this photo:


And then into these post holes you’ll place the car’s body post, to hold the car for painting as so:


And here’s a slew of ’55 Chevys on the stands waiting to be painted in orange pearl for Bat City’s club cars:


To apply paint to one of these cars you would simply remove the dowel from the plywood base, hold the dowel near the bottom (away from the car), and paint away! When you’re done, you simply reinsert the dowel into the plywood base and go on to the next one! The three stands outlined here will hold a total of 42 cars (you’ll have a few extra dowels), but you can create more stands if you need them. The post holes in the dowels will eventually wear out a little and not grip the car posts so well. When this happens, simply turn the post over and drill a new 5/32″ hole in the opposite end! And when that one wears out? Buy yourself some new dowels, they’re cheap!

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