Paint Stands- Coat Hanger


Paint Stand – Coat Hanger

There are several ways to go about making stands to place your customs upon for painting, but these are two of the more popular options.

Coat Hanger Stands – Anyone can fashion a simple paint stand out of an old wire coat hanger. You simply untwist the neck with a pair of pliers, twist the hanger into a square shape (about 2-3″ square), then bend the hanger up at an angle of 90 degrees to the square, then bend it parallel to the square and fashion a smaller square (or rectangle) at the top (approximately 1/2″x1″). Some final tweaking may be necessary to get the stand to sit level and hold your car level, but it’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to create your own paint stand[s].

Picture 1 shows the cutting and untwisting of the hanger.


Picture 2 shows the bending of the initial square base, a completed stand is shown in the bottom right corner of this picture.


Picture 3 is showing the final bends.


Picture 4 is a completed stand ready for use.



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