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Date: February 2008

After printing the layouts done by Jason R in features PRINTABLES – Part 1 and PRINTABLES – Part 2 we decided that they need to be permanently mounted to preserve the use and offer a level and stiff base. Duplicates were also done so that the kids would have something to play on.


  • Foam Core Board – usually available at major retailers and/or crafts stores. We used a simple and inexpensive piece slightly larger than the sizing we needed.
  • Spray Adhesive – we use a brand from a discount crafts store. The best choice would be something not penetrating and/or yellowing. Rubber cement could also be used however you want to cover the backs of the page fully and that could use a lot of product.
  • Long Straight Edge – for cutting and trimming.
  • Sharp and New Knife Blade – the sharper the better as you will be trimming very thin paper and dull blades tend to shred versus cut.

NOTE: As always, when utilizing sharp instruments and spray chemicals of any kind, please use proper protection for hands and eyes as well as proper ventilation.

We started with one of the layouts fully printed.   This method can be used for all of the PRINTABLES posted.


After laying out the pages, we determined what pages would be trimmed and lay on top of others to provide a tight fit for the design.   Once completed, it was easy to conclude that the pieces laying underneath, once trimmed, would need to be glued down first.

Using the stock and untrimmed foam core board, we laid the first piece in place without adhesive, marking the location, and then sprayed adhesive on the area marked. Using spray adhesive in a light coat, we also sprayed both the back of the printed piece. Spray adhesives are funny in that you need to let them dry to a tackiness – at least the brand we were using before putting the piece in place.

Once the glue was tacky, we started with the placement in one small corner of the printed segment. Since the glue is very tacky, care needs to be taken as you will not be able to “pull the piece up” without destroying it. You may want to have an additional set of prints available just in case.

One-by-one the trimmed pieces were put onto the board. We covered all ready positioned pieces with newspaper when spray the next pieces area to avoid any overspray which might damage the print.

When all the pieces are in place, we used a wallpaper roller to go over the entire layout to make sure it is secured, being careful to not press to hard and destroy the foam board. We were just re-assuring the adhesion of the glue. We also add some rubber cement to some of the overlapping areas to help secure the edges.

While we did not trim the foam board, as we liked the extra are around the layout, one could trim the pieces down to the edge of the prints to reduce its size. We did, however, in an effort to reduce space place one layout on the back of another. It can then be easily flipped for use.

ADDITIONAL IDEA – One could also have the final taped layout laminated.

If you have any mounting tips or tricks that you would like to share contact us at –

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