Motormax – Race Cherries


[Originally posted Article 2/6/2010 on]

by:  “Dipstick” 

While this may be old news for many, we recently ran across our samples of the latest release from Motormax.

Released third quarter of 2009, Motormax took a number of the Fresh Cherries castings and gave them an entirely new life.  Detailed, decaled and tightened with new rims they have now taken them to the racetrack. 

Six of their most popular castings were used to create this small but nicely executed set:

1970 Ford Maverick

1976 Chevrolet Vega

1971 Ford Mustang

1970 Dodge Challenger

1974 AMC Gremlin

1974 AMC Hornet

While the markings are generic, they are authentic to early/mid-seventies period.  Very Crisp and not over done.  Real rubber tires and chrome rims help round this new look. 


Two of these castings are or personal interest being a American Motors Fan.  In particular, the red/white/blue vintage styling of the AMC Hornet which was painted in traditional “Mark Donohue” race styling. 

Sadly, one needs to be in Canada to find these beauties, as they are a Canada exclusive – even as a US distributor, we could not acquire any for US sales.   However, what better opportunity than this to make a trading friend North of the border.

We remain hopeful that we will see this set, or a number of the other Fresh Cherries’ castings again in new and exciting theme such as these.  

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