MiniChamps – Bentley Brooklands


[Originally Published Article 4/29/2010 on]

 by: “dipstick” 

Once in a while one runs across a die cast car that leaves one breathless…

A recent acquisition from a good friend overseas presented just that experience in the MiniChamps Bentley Brooklands.  Not only is a REAL Brooklands gorgeous beyond words, but even the 1/64th scale leaves your knees weak…… 

I had anticipated the release for months after seeing the pre-production pics mid-2009.    This vehicle has not been done in the scale and has been sorely missed until now. 


From the minute it was removed from the package – I was in awe.   The scale is perfection, the lines accurate without question, the details stunning.  From the paint, to the trim, accurate wheels and tires and even a tiny detailed hood ornament.  Separate headlight inserts and taillight pieces add to the exceptional realism. 

This casting is part of the new 1:64 scale line started in 2009.  The line includes many Porsche castings both personal and racing.  Also included are the more exotic Mercedes SLR in two formats. 

The 2010 line-up includes some additional pieces by Jaguar and more Bentley castings in the Silver Spur and Azure offerings. 

Our applause to MiniChamps for their efforts and accuracy.

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