Making Scale Trees



-Diorama Project-

Making Scale Trees

Author:         Gunisonbrook


Vehicles Needed:     None

Special Tools:     Hobby Tweezers

Materials:     Glue, Hobby Tape, Real Tree Branches, Hobby or Floral Moss

Rating:       Beginner
#1 Collect some small branches from your yard. Branches should be fairly to scale of cars but, as well all know, trees are all shapes and sizes. Recommended using a number of different heights and few to many branch counts.


#2 Purchase green and/or colored Floral or Hobby Moss from the craft store. This is usually sold in small and large bags depending upon manufacturer.


#3 Using Elmer’s glue (as it dries clear and is generally undetectable) put small tabs randomly throughout the “tree” branches. Refer to trees in yard for placement.


#4 Add small pieces of Floral moss to glue drops. Repeat this process until trees are filled to your liking.


#5 Allow piece to dry – adding more moss if necessary. Colored Moss adds highlights to the tree – as well it may be “dusted” with paint or other effect treatments.


#6 Completed tree may be mounted to stand for placement or a small hole many be drilled in diorama base for tree to be inserted into.


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