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Originally published on 164scale.com

Our latest addition is the inclusion of the best information source of Johnny Lightning Rebel Rod Details on the net.  NovaSS has joined our growing list of contributors and will be working with us to keep the Rebel Rod information current and a continued reference for collectors new and old. 

We have given the site its own link from our tool bar at the top of the page – click REBEL RODS on the tool bar to get to the drop down menu!!

Many thanks to Nova SS for his contribution and welcome to our team!!

They have the mean streak we all wish our cars had. They’re one-of-a-kind and they’re hot! Cars that are so cool, they’re bad. Johnny Lightning introduces Rebel Rods, some of the baddest, most outrageous customized cars to ever hit the die-cast shelves.  A Rebel Rod introduction quote from Playing Mantis – “Every now and then a group of vehicles comes along that is so far from the edge, they deserve a catagory all their own. We’re talking about a group of customs with no boundaries…no rules…no conformity. Vehicles with B’Additude!”.

The Greatest Rebel Rod Reference on the Net 
By Nova SS

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