“How To” Project- Wiring an Engine


-“How-To” Project-

Wiring an Engine

Author:         Gunisonbrook

Vehicles Needed:     A Qualifying Motor

Special Tools:     Hobby Tweezers, Needle Nose Pliers, Dremel with Straight Pin/Small Bit

Materials:     Super Glue, Hobby Tape, Small Tubing (1/16″), Rayon Thread, Toothpicks

Rating:       Novice
#1 Start with your chuck and inset the straight pin. This will be used to drill your plug holes.


#2 The pin should slide into the chuck like a normal drill bit.


#3 Drill all the appropriate Plug holes with the “pin-bit”.


#4 We are using Rayon thread for this project but any wiring or thread of appropriate thickness can be used. This particular type has the advantage of being available in multiple color choices.


#5 Using a toothpick put a small amount of Super Glue in each hole – You may want to do these one at a time.   Add a length of thread to each hole after applying the glue. Lengths should be a good length – maybe 4″ – to allow wiring. Allow the glued threads to dry thoroughly.


#6 After drying, cut a small 1/4″ long piece of the tubing. Slide all of the wiring through the tube one by one.


#7 Locate the tubing on the rear center of the motor, slide all of the wires through the tube one by one allowing a natural wire arch. When all the wires are appropriately pulled – crimp the tube to hold them. Cut the excess from the bottom of the tubing. Glue the base of the tub to the top of the motor using correct placement.


#8 after drying the tubing can be painted black or – if using aluminum – can be left its natural color. Your wiring is done!!


This is merely one method for wiring. You will become accustom to what works best for you after trying a couple different ways.

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