“How To” Project- Painting Resin Bodies


-“How-To” Project-



….. You have taken the step to purchase a custom resin cast body, what do you do to prepare it for paint???


We will be using one of our own custom resin bodies for this narrative. The body is cast in a light gray resin. With some, but not all molding flash removed. The first step is to remove the flash around the base and the wheel wells, but not out of the window openings. We will remove that flash later.

Sanding the flash off the body, wheel well openings, rocker panels, front and rear of the body is generally the best method.   We use 220 sand paper, wet or dry, sanding very slowly and continuing to test fit on your frame.

Once you have it sanded down, so it fits the frame, check the area you sanded for pit holes or other defects. Resin castings will generally, especially after sanding, have some sort of pits or holes. If you find any, fill with spot putty. We use a product called Nitrostan or standard glazing putty from Bondo.

Once the spot putty is dried and sanded to your satisfaction, it is the time to remove the flash from the windows. Use an X-ACTO #11 blade in your hobby knife-a new blade is preferable. Now test fit your windows into the body. The inside of the body may have to be sanded to get the proper fit.

Next, soak the body only in Wesley whitewall cleaner for up to 5 hours. This removes all resin cast residue and oils from the body. Wash the body thoroughly in soap and water. Dry completely with a cotton towel. We recommend letting the body stand for 12 hours just to allow and water not absorbed to evaporate.

Prime the body, using a good primer like that made by KRYLON for example. The type of primer you use will be dependent upon the type of paint you plan on using for your color. Check for defects after priming, lightly sand with 400 grit. Wash again with soap and water. Dry with clean paper towel. Then use a tack cloth to tack the body off and paint with corresponding paint. we recommend 3 or 4 light coats rather than 2 heavy ones. Let dry for 24 hours. Check the body once again, tack body off with tack cloth, spray 2 or 3 coats corresponding high gloss. Let dry…

Check out our Painting section for more information on types of paint and techniques.

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