“How To” Project- Making A Working 4-Speed Stick Shift


-“How-To” Project-

Making A Working 4 Speed Stick Shift

Author:         Gunisonbrook


Vehicles Needed:      Any – preferably one with an exposed interior

Special Tools:     Drill, 5/64th bit or smaller, Wire Cutter.

Materials:     Glue, Hobby Tape, Stick Pin, Craft Bead, Small Piece of Thin Foam

Rating:       Beginner
#1 Start with most any interior. Determine appropriate positioning of stick shift based on seat, dashboard and console location. Mark that position and drill a small hole using 5/64th bit or approximate. Drill from top to bottom using light pressure – this will ensure shavings are on the bottom side.


#2 Using a stick pin attach a small piece of foam – this will eventually become your “stick gasket”.


#3 Attach pin and foam to hole – sliding the pin through hole. Glue foam in place leaving pin loose. You may want to crimp the underside of the pin from the bottom of the interior.


#4   Bend pin to appropriate angle. Obviously you need to judge for size.


#5 Cut pin to appropriate length – keeping in mind scale and size of interior.


#6 Add a small dab of adhesive to the tip at the end just cut.


#7 Attach craft bead.


#8 You may want to add a piece of hobby tape to the bottom to prevent the stick from sliding through.


#9 Completed piece. Stick should be ready for the high speed shifting.


Now what about that working clutch and pedals……. Stay tuned.

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