“How To” Project- Making A Late ’60s Dodge Van


-“How-To” Project-

-Making A Late 1960’s Dodge Van-

Author:         Gunisonbrook
Vehicles Needed:     JL 65 Dodge Pickup, MB VW Delivery Van,   MB VW Transporter

Special Tools:     Drill, Wire Cutter, Jewelers Saw

Materials:     Glue, Body Filler, Masking Tape

Rating:       Novice
#1 For this project we are using a JL 65 Dodge 1/2 Van, two MB VW Delivery Vans and a MB VW Transporter (not pictured).


#2 Drill and remove all rivets – carefully remove the heads of the rivets during drilling as this will allow the bodies to “pop” from the chassis and avoid further damage.
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#3 Place the MB Delivery Van against the side of the Dodge body making sure the rear-ends are even. Mark the side and the start of the cab on the VW – tracing it along the Dodge bed lines – you can do the same for the other side. This will give you your cutting line for the rear of the van roof – both angle and length of the piece to be inserted. Connect the two roof angle for your top cut.

Cut along the line with your jewelers saw – you will want to be fairly even with your cut and rather precise. Your cut should be fairly close to the VW trim line so use it as a guide for your cutting.



#4 Cut the tailgate from the Dodge following the line across the bottom of the body as shown in the picture.


#5 Cut the rear of the VW “top” around through the window lines of the rear doors.


#6 Remove the side doors from the Transporter – cutting carefully around the door lines using the jeweler’s saw. Do Not cut into the doors. These will become the rear doors of the van.



#7 Now place the cut doors in the van “top” (as pictured) adjust slightly with a file if necessary. The fit should be almost perfect if your door cuts were precise. Be sure to center the doors if not evenly cut. Tape firmly in place from the inside. Place the “top” with adhered doors in place on the back of the truck – the tailgate opening is almost the same dimensions so the doors should slide in snugly. If not touch up the opening with a file – refer to pictures for fit.



#8 Strip all the piece – stripper, cleaning, wire brush, final cleaning and drying. When dry, glue all pieces in place – a) Doors to upper roof, b) Roof and doors to truck bed. It is recommended that JB Weld or a like product is used.

(***No Picture***)
#9 When dry, fill seams with body filler, sand and, when smooth, primer. Your piece should look like the pictures at the left and should be ready for paint of choice. The chassis should require no adjustments unless the customizer would like.


Good Luck and let us see your pictures when done. Send to mini-motors@comcast.net

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