“How To” Project- How To Streeeeeeeeech


-“How-To” Project-

How To Streeeeeeeeeeeeetch

Author:         Smurphskustoms
Vehicles Needed:     Dairy Delivery (2) – or vehicles of choice

Special Tools:     Dremel w/ Cutting Wheel and Sanding attachment, Marker, Sand Paper, Standard Drill with 5/16th bit.

Materials:     JB Weld or Like Product, Body filler, Primer, Masking Tape

Rating:       Novice
#1 We start with two Dairy Deliveries for the purposes of this demo, although this can be used with any vehicle.


#2 Drill out the rivets as is done with all disassembly projects.


#3 after the rivets are removed and the vehicle is taken apart, mark the bodies where you will make your cuts.


#4 Make your cuts – although a jeweler’s saw or hack saw can be used – we are using a Dremel with a Cutting Wheel for this project.


#5 After they are cut apart test fit them together and grind any edges to make as close a fit as possible and straight as possible


#6 Grind the area inside (interior portion of the body) where you will be “gluing” them together. This will add a roughness for the glue to adhere to.


#7 Using JB Quick or like product – “butter” a small amount on the areas that will be touching.


#8 Tape the two body parts together to keep the body straight – so use carpenters squares as guides, others have a knack for lining up key body features. You can do what works best.


#9 When temporarily set, add a generous amount to the interior of the body and let dry completely before moving.


#10 After this had dried, lightly grind the areas where body filler will be used to smooth the surface. This again is being done with a Dremel Tool and sanding attachment.


#11 Adjust the wheel wells with the grinding tool so they are straight and match each other level.


#12 Add a good amount of body filler to the area where you “glued” the piece together – overlap onto the rest of the body to fill any beveled or damaged areas resulting from this conversion.


#13 Now sand smooth with 150 grit sandpaper and then again with 320 grit


#14 Prime the piece and let dry – touch up of any further body areas can easily be seen after primer has dried. Further body filler may be required to patch and fill any additional spots. Repeat process until all spots are filled and smoothed.


#15 Line up the chassis and interior pieces…….


#16 Cut and trim chassis pieces till they fit tightly together and line up straight. Check body for appropriate fit, then glue pieces together.


#17 As with the chassis, cut and trim interior parts till they fit tightly together and line up with the chassis, test fit the body over the interior – when appropriate fit is achieved glue pieces together.


#18 Finally, paint per choice, detail as necessary, add custom wheels and reassemble- then you have streeeeeetched!!



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