“How-To” Project: Custom M2 Machines Rollback Truck by Atsuhiko Tandai

“How-To” Project: M2 Machines 1970 Ford C-600 Rollback Truck

By: Atsuhiko Tandai

Date:  July 21, 2015
Looking at the new 1970 Ford C-600 casting from M2 Machines, it is just begging to be used as a custom in many ways.  Atsuhiko Tandai decided to give it a try as a flatbed Rollback Truck.  Atsuhiko is a new member of the M2 Machines-Custom Showroom.  But what we have seen from his talent, he is far from a newbie in the custom world.  Enjoy this build he has agreed to share with us.  -Steve, Editor


With this custom, I started with the 1970 Ford C-600 truck, and the bed and chassis of a Greenlight International Durastar Flatbed Truck.

With the Inernational Durastar, I took the base off of the casting first.  Then I removed the storage boxes on the sides, and the wheels.  I then cut the chassis at where the back of where the Durastar cab set.

I then took the 1970 Ford C-600 and cut the chassis in the same place as the Durastar, where the back of the cab sat.  I saved the wheels and axles from the Ford for the finished build.

The next step(pictured below), I used some small pieces of plastic and super glue to join the 2 chassis together.



I put a flat piece of plastic over the top of the new part of the chassis, for extra durability.  I also ground off 2 of the posts that held the storage boxes on the Durastar frame.



Next I painted the newly constructed chassis part, and reattached the storage boxes.  Then I out the wheels and axles onto the new chassis, and attached the Ford C-600 cab, back onto the frame.



And here is the finished project.  Simple, and not very time consuming.





Thanks to Atsuhiko for sharing this build.  We look forward to see many more builds here on Hot World Customs!


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