“How-To” Project: Assembling a M2 Machines Auto-Wheels Casting



“How-To” Project: Assembling a M2 Machines Auto-Wheels Casting

By: Steve Hakari

Date:  July 16th, 2015


A “new” product has been inserted into the M2 lineup: Auto-Wheels Kits.  We say “new”, due to it being a combination of the ever popular Auto-Wheels Kits from 2011 and the recent 1:64 Scale Model Kits.  The new kits include 4 sets of wheels/axles, and a M2 Drivers casting.  For those that haven’t assembled one yet or would like to see their options before opening, this is a How-To on assembly.  We have chosen the first piece in the release, the 1970 Ford Mustang BOSS 429(pictured above in its package.)


Here are the contents of the package.  The set of wheels that come on the BOSS, are Goodyear Red Line WideTread on 5 spoke rims:



Using the provided screwdriver, I disassembled the car from the display base, and the body from the chassis:



Following are pictures of the 3 additional wheel options.  First up, is the Goodyear Wide Tread GT’s on blue rims w/silver caps:



Second, is the Goodyear Poly Glas-F70-14’s on Mag rims:



Last, but not least, is the Goodyear Blue Line Speedway Blue Streak’s on yellow steel rims:



The yellow steel rims are my top choice, so those are what I decided to keep on the BOSS 429.  I screwed the chassis back onto the body, and now it rests in its current place in the collection.  But if I happen to change my mind, good thing there are more wheel options…



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