“Hot To” Project- Painting a Checker Paint Scheme


-“How-To” Project-

Painting a Checker Paint Scheme

Author:         tjtommi
Vehicles Needed:     Any

Special Tools:     Brushes detailed in step #1, Sharpie Pen, Pencil, Paper

Materials:      Tape, Paint of choice, Fine Grit Sandpapers, Clear Coat

Rating:       Novice


#1 Three different brushes were used:

  1. Loew-Cornell #1 liner for laying out white background..
  2. Loew-Cornell 18/0 script liner for the black outlines.
  3. Loew-Cornell 10/0 for filling the black in the checkers.

The brand is not as important as the size of the brush, although a quality brush does achieve better results.


#2 It’s recommended before you start your graphics that you spray a coat of either inter coat clear or light coat of clear over the existing paintwork so in the event of error you don’t mess up you paint while sanding.

After your clear dries give it a light sanding with 1500-2000 grit sandpaper so your paint will adhere right..


#3 The first step is laying on your white background. Taping the area to be painted and spraying the color – in this case white.


#4 Let the white dry thoroughly. Using 1500-2000 grit sandpaper, sand down any high areas to make it smooth before adding any additional coloring, in this sample black will be used.


#5 Using a pencil, lightly draw the layout of the pattern on the white. These will be the guidelines when the black is applied.


#6 Using black basecoat and a 18/0 script liner, paint the outline of the pattern using the guidelines just drawn.


#7   Now fill in the checkers. Before painting you may want to mark the squares with a fine tip sharpie with a dot or x so you know which ones to fill in. Making a mistake can be devastating and cause for starting completely over with the entire body.


#8 With the quickness that HOK paints dry this whole process took about an hour and a half to two hours including an initial clear coating. Doing checkers this way does take a steady hand and practice, but is a whole lot less time consuming than masking and cutting the striping and squares.


Hot World Customs thanks Scott aka tjtommi for the contribution, please check out his other How-to’s.

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