FLASHBACK – Customizer Bluejayeh


FLASHBACK – Customizer Bluejayeh

By: Mark Boemer

May 20, 2015  

Once in a while you run across a customizer who defines a segment of the hobby and become both a creative talent and an innovator in this “world of custom art” we all participate in.  BlueJayeh is just that person.

Those if us that have been around the hobby, remember seeing his pieces in the mid-200x’s on some old school message boards and posted for sale on eBay.   His pieces reeked of creativity and raised the bar for those of us who were trying to keep up.   He used dull paints as opposed to flaming and striping, he used scarp pieces and fabricated metal parts versus pirating of pre-cast items.  And he coupled it with designs that were both simple yet crazy at the same time.  He even went one step further by creating diorama setting for many of them which no one had done before.  

Just prior to his departure from the hobby, he also cast some of his custom pieces in limited numbers and sold them as kits so that others could share in the excitement.   Today those pieces are highly sought after.  

While BlueJayeh is no longer doing diecast customs and his life has moved on to other unique adventures – like a true artist, his legacy and his “art” live on in these pieces.

Enjoy the slideshow!!


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