Elite Haulers Fill the Pegs – take two


[Originally Published Article 3/24/2010 on 164scale.com]

 by: “dipstick” 

… So who is behind these awesome sets, their themes and their great success?   Maisto Designer Brad Trimmer recent talked with us about the lines he designs and his background.

Brad started drawing cars at age 5 and didn’t ever look back.  He went through the usual art and architecture classes in Junior High and High School.  He honed his talent with airbrushing, pin striping and even sign painting in his spare time.  Then, in the late 90’s, Brad pursued transition of his artistic skills to the computer world as a professional pursuit. 

Maisto welcomed him to the team in 2005.  He was working in San Diego as a freelance artist when a friend talked about Maisto International. They had an opening for a designer, which he applied and the rest is history, as they say……. 

Currently Brad overseas all the graphics and designs for the 1/64 and 1/24 Pro Rods, Allstars, Rescue Force, Transporters, Pro Rods, Haulers and Elite Transport assortments,  He refers to it as being “run through the paint booth that is my computer.”  When the order comes through for new releases, it is his job to “dress” the castings from tires to paint. 

The Fresh Metal line has also been falling under his realm over the past year and a half.  In addition, Brad has also designed the Gas Cap Motorcycles and contributed to the Earth Shockers line, the Power Racer Rescue Trucks, as well as the 2010 Fresh Metal Open & Play sets.

His inspirations you ask?  Anything I can pull from automotive history and incorporate (hide and legally get away with) into a vehicle decoration.”   More recently he has started to include more historical elements into the fire department pieces and sets.  “… I love the idea of someone researching a vehicle we do and actually finding a tidbit of history behind the deco.”   He hopes to incorporate more in both the Police Department castings and the Rescue Force line as a whole. 

What is Brad’s Favorite Hauler?  “I think my favorite hauler would have to be the COE. There isn’t/wasn’t any information on the web about this vehicle. We were looking for another casting for this line and of course decided to go with a nostalgic feel. Charles being Charles, found this ad somewhere online of a person selling the shell, and I mean shell, to the cab of an old 1938 Studebaker COE. I mean shell, no head lights, interior, moldings,…nothing. Because of our licensing agreement with Studebaker (none) Charles sent me the 2 or 3 images of this shell sitting in the weeds somewhere in America and said here, design this. Of course I took that as a challenge and created what you see today. As you can see, the possibilities are limitless.”

Brad has a hard time picking the one’s that are his actual favorites.  He tries to appeal to the collectors and the automotive fanatics in all of us.   He promises to continue new and exciting themes as long as there is response from the collectors, 2010 being no exception. 

Along that very line, the newest casting to hit the line in 2010 will be a version of the International DuraStar Medium duty truck.  Commonly used for rollback haulers it was a obvious choice and will be a great addition to the Elite Haulers line.  Offering both realism and accuracy. 


Brad recently told us:  I have chosen the International DuraStar to be next in our hopefully long line of successfully vehicle transporters. I plan on doing a lot of hidden details there. The Elite Transport line is the best for hiding history.”  

The previews are nothing short of outstanding – both with the new unit itself and the companion pieces: 







What is Next?  Well he couldn’t give us detail but the thought are revolving around the nostalgia side, but warns that could easily change…..more info to be leaked posted later.

It sounds like Brad has a lot of ideas………. We wish Brad and Maisto continued success with the line. 

As a collector, I say “Bring on more cool pieces!!” 

NOTE:  All pictures use with permission of Maisto/May Cheong Group.

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