Elite Haulers Fill the Pegs – take one


[Originally Published Article 3/5/2010 on 164scale.com]

 by: “dipstick”

Take one part scale commercial vehicle and one part regular casting; add an interesting theme with incredible paint and you’ll have the DNA of All Star Elite Haulers from Maisto.   While not a unique idea, as die cast sets having been around for quite some time, Maisto managed to put in a twist and opened the eyes of many collectors who had not previously purchased their castings. 

The line, which premièred in 2006/2007, was originally an offshoot of the Playerz series.  It incorporated a “tow vehicle” casting – such as the Escalade or the Nissan SUV – with a tandem axle car trailer and a theme complimentary car.   

In 2008, Maisto added a generic flatbed hauler and vehicle combination, which was quickly followed with the addition of a heavy duty tow truck casting – each paired with appropriate theme castings.  In 2009 came the addition of the 50’s rollback hauler.  A COE Cab with a unique bed of its own.  This added some period flavor to the line as well and drove (no pun intended) the collectors crazy.        

The All Stars Elite Haulers series has included repainted castings from the Playerz, Custom Shop, All Stars and Pro-Rodz lines – growing with many new castings as well as previous releases.   

The paint and markings are part of the attraction –vintage and current Fire and Police themes have been included as well as custom and race styles.   The attention to general detail and tampo placement is also note worthy.  Custom wheels sporting everything from “steelie” rims to custom tu-tone styles add to the lines excitement; maintaining a custom but period look. 

The 2010 releases present an even more thoughtful offering and build on previous years most successful sets.  This years releases include a mind-blowing (and wallet draining) 36 sets.  A sampling of new versions of previous released pieces and the addition of a new Hauler (see Part 2 of this article).   They also include many of the most poular themes including Police/Fire and race liveries.   

Lets start with the Tow Trucks – While the casting is generic, the style is realistic custom.  From the low stance to the custom rims, to the operable tow lift and detailed emergency lighting it is truly a modern classic.







The 1980’s Chevrolet pickup and the late model Ford F150 are also included.  Both paired nicely with complementary rides, incredible detail and perfect wheel/tire selections. 







57 Chevy Hauler Rollback returns as well with many slick styles – one of particular interest is the number “3” set …….. 







The Generic Rollback returns with matching hauler/car paint schemes and custom wheels.  They will also include a few new castings just recently introduced. 







Last, but certainly not least are the COE haulers.  Outstanding in their first release in 2009, this years sets offer more detail and more incredible themes.  Including both Police and Fire sets and a personal favorite – the Biscayne wagon. 







It is no wonder the lines are continually sold out at Target Stores and other outlets across America.  All fine examples of listening the the collector and incorporation of some new ideas. 

Thanks to Maisto for their great work (and help with this article) – Much success with the line!!

COMING SOON – Elite Haulers Fill the Pegs – Take 2 which includes some information on the newest casting coming in 2010 and some thoughts from the lines designer.

All pictures use with permission of Maisto/May Cheong Group.

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