Diorama Detailing


Diorama – Detailing

Step Eight – Detail, Detail, Detail : This is the most time consuming part of a diorama project. You have to envision yourself on in your diorama scene – What do you need to make it realistic?? What would be in the scene in real life?? Make of list of what you need. You will have to be innovative about where you look but these are some hints:


Accessories – Come with a lot of sets but are also readily available just about anywhere. Numerous sets being offered today include at least a couple accessory items. As well certain things like boxes and barrels and such can be used from any scale as these items are all different sizes in real life. A hunt through your hobby store train aisle will rustle up a number of things you may never have thought of. Also watch for the sets – most of the Mattel sets have included a couple accessory items over the past few years. If you can’t find something you need – don’t rule out building it. Most items can be built very simply and with only a few materials.


Car Parts – What better place then your parts box – extra wheels, engine pieces and front clip or a door lying around add a great touch of realism. Your parts box is probably over flowing with items that when used even by themselves will add touches of authenticity to your layout – especially those want to build garage and shop scenes – look at the picture of the front clips in the salvage yard above.. And don’t let the standard use of the part dictate its use – be creative with the things you find.


People – People are hard to come by in this scale. Mostly because it is not directly associated with a master scale – HO scale people are too small and S scale people tend to be a bit big. Searching for sets that include people is always a good way to accumulate some folks to place around your diorama. Most manufacturers have something that includes people of some kind with them – HWs had the Adventure sets, Matchbox had the CAT two packs, Majorette has Two packs that include numerous people. There are no real manufacturers of just scaled people out there.


Landscaping – OK… so that is a real tree. Landscaping can add some life to your diorama. Many hobby stores will have train landscaping that can work great with dioramas like this. The great thing about landscaping is that trees come in a very heights and sizes so no particular scale is any better than any other as it will all work. You can even try your hand at custom making trees and such with like materials. (See Scale Trees in our How-to Section) Landscaping gives the diorama a comfortable feel and adds additional touches of realism. Everywhere there is landscaping of some kind.

This is truly where a customizer can spend a lot of time but it is also where a customizer can create something truly original and unique. Attention to detail can make a simple layout that much more exciting.   Just like with a custom, the more time you put into it – the better and more detailed it will get.

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