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Showcase #2 – Ade from the UK


Owed to Ade

Ade lives in the United Kingdom.

Ade Likes BIG trucks.

Ade Drives BIG trucks.

Ade plays with BIG trucks.

Ade makes BIG trucks.

Ade really makes BIG trucks!!!

Ade is Awesome!!


1stPix Die-Cast Dioramas


-1stPix Die Cast Dioramas-

By:   Phil

Date:   March 2009

Here is a look at a Classic Car Parade from the not so little diorama world at 1stPix Diecast Dioramas… (more…)

“The Shop” Diorama


-“The Shop” Diorama-

By: Vaughn H.  

Date: April 2008

About the builder:   This is Vaughn’s second contribution to the site. Another great creation using a pre-manufactured piece as the base and some detail pieces. (more…)

“The Saw Mill” Diorama


-The Saw Mill Diorama-

By: Vaughn H.  

Date: March 2008

About the builder:   I started collecting Matchbox cars and trucks in the 60’s back then they cost 50 cents that was half of my weekly allowance.  This piece is 1/64th – S-scale.  (more…)

“The Junkyard” Diorama


-Diorama – “The Junkyard”-

Built by Marc Methot

I built the scrap yard because that’s where you become a little kid searching through junk to find something that would be treasure to you. I had a box of Hot Wheels that were all bit up from when I was a kid and always wanted to build a scrap yard. (more…)

Gas Station Diorama


-Gas Station Diorama-

By David P. (aka Lt. Falcon)

I built this about 10 years ago; it started with just the gas station building. I wanted to photograph my customized cars with a realistic looking background. (more…)

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