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The Surf Crate above was done using Sizzlers-Hotline spectraflame paint. In this case, Hot Pink. (more…)




The photo above shows a Custom Cougar being polished with a cloth buffing wheel on an electric buffer. This is generally the best method if you have the buffer. If you only have a rotary tool, you can purchase the appropriate attachments and use it for polishing, as shown in the photo below. Dremel makes and entire polishing kit for their rotary tool line as do a number of other manufacturers. (more…)

How To Dye


Dying Cars by David Elliott

The recipe is simple: 1 part water, 1 part white vinegar, salt, and RIT dye. I usually go with 2 cups each of the liquids, 1/2 tsp of salt, and a half package of dye.


Custom Chassis


The Custom Chassis

Author:       Clinkster
Vehicles Needed:     Casting of Builders Choice

Special Tools:     Cardboard – discarded blisters work well, Pencil/pen, Small straight edge/ruler, Scissors/X-acto knife, Saw, Files, Thick plastic – I found that those “No Parking” signs work well, are cheap, and easy to find – and Super glue.


Bare-Metal Foil


Bare-Metal Foiling

How to Use Bare-Metal Foil (It’s Really Quite Easy!)

By Dennis Doty

Published with permission from the website. (This article references the use on a 1/24th scale plastic model, however, the process is the same in any scale.) (more…)


goldplate-01 goldplate-02 Plated Cars How To – The first thing to consider when having cars plated is, of course, a plater. That is, someone who plates metal. This will be necessary unless you intend to do the plating yourself. And although some companies offer “home plating kits,” they are not recommended. David Elliott tells us they are not as easy to master as the literature would lead us to believe. (more…)

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