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Lacquers (General Info.)

The photo above shows a few different types of lacquer hobby paint. The jars are House of Kolor paint are from a local distributor’s one-ounce bottles. The spray cans on the right are from Testor’s and are “Dull Cote” & “Gloss Cote” lacquers respectively. But House of Kolor lacquers can be top-coated not only with lacquer clear coats, but also with enamel or urethane clear coats also! It is recommended that a urethane clear is used for best results. (more…)



Spray Can Enamels Enamels (General Info.) This top photo above shows two different brands of quality airbrush enamels–Model Master & Boyd’s. Two, because Testors is a parent company for Model Master, hence they’re the same manufacturer. You may remember the two little jars from previous hobby modeling. These small Testors bottles have been around seemingly forever, they can, of course, be thinned and sprayed through the airbrush. An assortment of the enamel airbrush paints should be available at your local hobby or craft store. The lower photo above showcases various enamels in spray can form. Among them; Testors, Boyd’s, Plasti-kote, and Model Master. (more…)

Nail Polish Paints


Nail Polish is the newest area of painting these little cars – We will touch briefly on it here.   (more…)

Acrylic Paints


Some Tamiya Acrylics


Paint Types


So many paint choices??????

Before you begin painting you must first decide on a type, and perhaps brand, of paint. Your choices include enamel spray cans, lacquer spray cans, enamel for airbrushes, lacquer for airbrushes, [water based] acrylics for airbrushes, urethanes for airbrushes, and hybrid finishes like fingernail polish! And as if those choices weren’t enough, you may also choose to have certain parts, or entire bodies, “plated.” Chrome and gold plating being the most popular options. (more…)