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Elite Haulers Fill the Pegs – take one


[Originally Published Article 3/5/2010 on]

 by: “dipstick”

Take one part scale commercial vehicle and one part regular casting; add an interesting theme with incredible paint and you’ll have the DNA of All Star Elite Haulers from Maisto.   While not a unique idea, as die cast sets having been around for quite some time, Maisto managed to put in a twist and opened the eyes of many collectors who had not previously purchased their castings. 


Elite Haulers Fill the Pegs – take two


[Originally Published Article 3/24/2010 on]

 by: “dipstick” 

… So who is behind these awesome sets, their themes and their great success?   Maisto Designer Brad Trimmer recent talked with us about the lines he designs and his background.

Brad started drawing cars at age 5 and didn’t ever look back.  He went through the usual art and architecture classes in Junior High and High School.  He honed his talent with airbrushing, pin striping and even sign painting in his spare time.  Then, in the late 90’s, Brad pursued transition of his artistic skills to the computer world as a professional pursuit.