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Rebel Rod Details


Rebel Rods Detail – Decals and Engines

First Time’s A Charm

Some cool firsts from Playing Mantis also came out of the Rebel Rod series. (more…)

Rebel Rods History



The Ancestry

The Rebel Rods series came to be from the ashes of the Street Freaks series.

The “spoiler” type open engine, gumball side numbered cars have always been a favorite of diecast collectors. After the Street Freaks series died out there was a gap for a while where there wasn’t any “spoiler” type cars being made. (more…)

Rebel Rods – Thank You!!


Rebel Rods – Thank You Page

Many Thanks Go to:

Hot Rod Al ex-Research Specialist at Playing Mantis.
Marsboy for the initial write-up on the ancestry.
pms485 (Mike) for the excellent illustrations I’ve used, including the site logo.
Playing Mantis for making all of this possible.
**  RC2 for bringing back the Spoilers after a 3 year hiatus, although no longer available……. **

… and of course a special thanks to NOVASS for the contribution to this site!!

JL Rebel Rods Site Joins



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Our latest addition is the inclusion of the best information source of Johnny Lightning Rebel Rod Details on the net.  NovaSS has joined our growing list of contributors and will be working with us to keep the Rebel Rod information current and a continued reference for collectors new and old. 


AMC by JL in RWB


[Originally Published Article 4/02/2010 on]

 by: “dipstick” 

Title Decoded:  American Motors Corporation by Johnny Lightning in Red, White and Blue

Just a quick Pictorial Showcase of some of the pieces in our personal collection.  AMC (and sister companies) are a prominent part of my collection and my personal interest – Enjoy!!


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