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Big Bad Birthday Project – aka BBB Project.

Updated December 20, 2004

As Legends Go…………..


IDEA:           Some custom guys in a chat room – all discussing custom truck building.  The thought of a Birthday present for one of the members – Big Bad Birthday Project  – That they would all contribute to and in the end it would be an incredible collaborative project.  The “build” would later be re-named Busters Big Build after one of the team member’s dog who plays a key roll in helping with custom truck design – chuckle, chuckle.

SCENARIO:     Each member of the team would contribute to a portion of the build for this project.  It was decided after discussion, that a heavy hauler unit, generally used for incredible moving projects would be re-created.  The subject matter of the move would be a 1/64th scale steam locomotive.  In real life this piece would weigh tons and require a magnificent piece of equipment to move – A Prime Mover as it has been called.  After additional research, the trailer was designed and built.