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“How-To” Project: Custom M2 Machines Rollback Truck by Atsuhiko Tandai

“How-To” Project: M2 Machines 1970 Ford C-600 Rollback Truck

By: Atsuhiko Tandai

Date:  July 21, 2015
Looking at the new 1970 Ford C-600 casting from M2 Machines, it is just begging to be used as a custom in many ways.  (more…)

Big Bad Birthday Project – aka BBB Project.

Updated December 20, 2004

As Legends Go…………..


IDEA:           Some custom guys in a chat room – all discussing custom truck building.  The thought of a Birthday present for one of the members – Big Bad Birthday Project  – That they would all contribute to and in the end it would be an incredible collaborative project.  The “build” would later be re-named Busters Big Build after one of the team member’s dog who plays a key roll in helping with custom truck design – chuckle, chuckle.

SCENARIO:     Each member of the team would contribute to a portion of the build for this project.  It was decided after discussion, that a heavy hauler unit, generally used for incredible moving projects would be re-created.  The subject matter of the move would be a 1/64th scale steam locomotive.  In real life this piece would weigh tons and require a magnificent piece of equipment to move – A Prime Mover as it has been called.  After additional research, the trailer was designed and built.


“How To” Project- Making Stacks

-“How-To” Project-

Making Truck Stacks By Shawn B.

(1) Aluminum tubing.

I get my tubing from Ace Hardware. They usually have a small stand (which is usually found in near another parts counter or in a corner) that has all sorts of small brass and aluminum pieces, such as round or square tubings, rods, brass or aluminum sheets, etc. (more…)

1:64 Scale Truck Reference


1/64th Scale Truck Reference

This list was started as a reference for the none mainstream pieces that are out in the truck world. The mainstream groups would be defined as Ertl, Penjoy, DCP, PEM, Winross, etc. (more…)

Tanker Project


Building a 1/64th Scale Tanker Truck

by Eric M. Alias (REDMAC)

March 2004

This project is pretty simple as far as customs go, and it’s a great introduction to what it is to build a 1/64 scale truck. There’s a little grinding, a little filing, a little bodywork, and a little work with adhesives. When finished, you’ll have a unique tanker not unlike those used for bulk fuel delivery, food-grade transport, or agricultural chemical application. In another project, Part 2, we’ll make a pup trailer to go along with this unit. (more…)

Stretching A Cab



Custom Truck Project

By DeWayne of Harrison (Custom Minis)
Stretching a Tractor Trailer

#1 This project takes a little time but well worth it in the end. I am very impatient so if I can do it you can. I am not an expert on custom building but can hold my own.

So let’s cut to the chase and get started. (more…)