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Schuco Restorations


Schuco Restorations

The Schuco Models are highly suitable for restoration due to their simplified assembly, usually with simple rivet construction. Doors open which does add some complexity, however it is easily worked with. For restorations only models which are well used but still complete become subjects for each project. The axles from 0,5mm metal which can be relatively easy to arranged. Wheel covers and tires are from other donors in which parts were used to help others. The Decals are water-slide created from pictures and other easily obtainable sources. The bodies must be thoroughly stripped in order to be properly cleaned and prepped. Lacquer paints are used through a standard airbrush and are sometimes custom mixed.


Schuco Opel Restoration


Schuco Opel Restoration – Pictorial Transition


Schuco VW Restore


Schuco VW Cabriolet Restore / Custom Project Pictorial


Schuco – Benz Restore


Schuco Mercedes Benz Restore / Custom Limo Project


Vintage Batmobile Restore



Restoring a Classic Batmobile


Restoring a classic by Mark Hosaflook
Everybody has his or her favorite car and I am no exception to the rule. By far the car that has been my favorite is the 60’s TV version of the Batmobile. (more…)

The Red Baron


Restoration – Red Baron Restore

by Jerry Schmitt

I found a Red Baron that was a good restoration candidate. It was complete, and looked like a challenge. Sure I could find a mint loose one for under $20.00, but, I do this for the enjoyment. And, no it’s not getting a white interior. (more…)

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