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“How To” Project- Making Hinges


“How-To” Project-

Making Hinges

Author:         Gunisonbrook

Vehicles Needed:     Any

Special Tools:   Jewelers Saw with Blades -Fine or Extra Fine, Dremel with Cutting Disk, Small Files, Wire Cutters, Needle Nose Pliers, Sanding Disk

Materials:     Solid Brass Rod – .20, 1/16 Brass Tubing, JB Weld, Super Glue, Masking Tape

Rating:      Advanced

REMINDER: We want to remind everyone that you must take care when using a Dremel Cutting Tool. The tool can catch when making cuts and become erratic. Please wear safety glasses and gloves at all times.

#1 The process starts by checking your intended vehicle for door lines. (more…)