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Diorama Detailing


Diorama – Detailing

Step Eight – Detail, Detail, Detail : This is the most time consuming part of a diorama project. You have to envision yourself on in your diorama scene – What do you need to make it realistic?? What would be in the scene in real life?? Make of list of what you need. You will have to be innovative about where you look but these are some hints: (more…)

Diorama Building



Diorama – Building

Diorama Table Possibilities An old work bench (although this one is being used) or an old dining table. (more…)

Diorama Planning


Diorama – Planning

You have built those incredible customs – the muscle car, the hauler unit, the sports car, the convertible conversion – now what do you do with them?

Display case, No! Shelf, No! Diorama – YES!!! (more…)

Scale References


Diorama – Scale

Let’s Talk About Scale

First, and foremost, with regards to dioramas, what is the correct scale? There is a lot of discussion out there on the message boards and in the chat rooms about what scale HW and MB and the like technically are – we are posting a definition of what “scale” means, a reprint of a reply we made to one board that fairly clearly explains the scale, following with a chart that shows relative scales in the hobby world with numbers to letters: (more…)

Making A Display Table


Making A Display Table


Date: February 2008

Making a display can be as easy or complex as you would like. We recently completed a small display for a storage area we utilize that was very simple and used very basic building techniques. Additionally, it was not very costly.   The steps here assume that the builder has appropriate wood cutting, clamping and measuring tools. (more…)

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