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World’s Largest S-Scale Model Diorama With Working Trains & Street Cars!

Found this on YouTube and thought is was interesting – for those of you looking to build a Diorama.  This sets the bar pretty high – LOL!


Making Scale Trees



-Diorama Project-

Making Scale Trees

Author:         Gunisonbrook


Vehicles Needed:     None

Special Tools:     Hobby Tweezers

Materials:     Glue, Hobby Tape, Real Tree Branches, Hobby or Floral Moss

Rating:       Beginner
#1 Collect some small branches from your yard. (more…)

Mounting Printables


Printables – Mounting


Date: February 2008

After printing the layouts done by Jason R in features PRINTABLES – Part 1 and PRINTABLES – Part 2 we decided that they need to be permanently mounted to preserve the use and offer a level and stiff base. Duplicates were also done so that the kids would have something to play on.


Printables- Part 2


Parking Lot Printables – Part 2

By: Jason R.

Date: February 2008

Parking Lot – Number 2

Jason has created a second Parking Lot with a slightly different look for your use.

This layout has some grassy sections for you to have your own car show on…..

Awesome layout for display or play and simple to make. The pictures show the parking lot when fully completed. (more…)

Printables- Part 1


Parking Lot Printables

By: Jason R.

Date: July 2007

Parking Lot Number 1

Jason has created this printing project anyone can do with a color printer and the files below.  (more…)

Making Shop Furniture


Making Scale Shop Furniture

By: Steve M.   (more…)

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