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Rattle Can Basics


Rattle Can Basics

Ok, you’ve separated the car’s body from the base and you’re ready to prepare the car for new paintjob. It’s not always necessary to strip off the factory paint.  If it’s a solid color and there are no tampos, you can spray automotive primer over it. I’ll explain some other quick methods later.


Stripping – Part 2


Jar of stripper – Aircraft Stripper – Bix Spray-on Stripper

Stripping Bodies and Parts – Part 2

Now that we’ve discussed the products for stripping, lets take a look at how the process is actually done:


Stripping – Part 1


Stripping Bodies and Parts – Part 1

A bare metal casting.




Here is the most time honored method:




These Beater Redlines – A Customizers Dream Table

Even without Roger’s endless supply of original redlines, you should have no problem finding ample customizing material. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting a custom candidate:


Work Area


Where to Work Many customizers perform their art in garages, sheds, shops, barns, basements, bedrooms, and in some cases living or dining rooms! The ideal atmosphere, of course, would be a nice shop with central heat and air, excellent light, plenty of electrical outlets, and a quality fresh air ventilation system to suck out all those paint fumes and replace them with clean air! For many of us, a shop like this is simply not in the budget. But don’t give up hope!


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