Casting Review: Racing Champions 1965 Ford F-100 Pickup


Casting Review:  Racing Champios 1965 Ford F-100 Pickup

By:  Steve Hakari


Back in Racing Champions heyday, they made a excellent replica of the 1965 Ford F-100 Pickup.  Each rolls on black wheels, which are riding on steelie rims.  Opening hood and tailgates, complete the options.  The ’65 is one gorgeous casting.  No other diecast company has made a 1:64 scale casting of this truck, so these are very stand out pieces in the diecast world.  With rumors flying around about Racing Champions possibly coming back, we sure hope they are true.  This is one casting truck fans would hope to see again on the pegs.  Check out the pics below of the ’65 Ford…..

Truck #1:  Teal w/Teal Interior


Truck #2:  Teal/White w/Teal Interior


Truck #3: Red/White w/Tan Interior

(Originally tampoed with Outdoor Life logos)


Truck #4:  Yellow w/Black Interior


Truck #5:  Red w/Black Interior


Truck #6:  Blue w/Black Interior


Truck #7:  Red w/ Black Interior and Lights & Siren


Good luck finding these beauties, they are few and far between out there and are coveted by those who own them!

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