Casting Review: Auto World 2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body


Casting Review:  Auto World 2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body

By:  Steve Hakari



Back in 2011, Tom Lowe and the crew at Auto World decided to make a breakthrough in the diecast world that has never been done before.  A true limited edition casting.  Aptly named, True L.E.  Based on owner Tom Lowe’s personal car, a 2010 Dodge Challenger Wide Body.  All 14,500 pieces were cast, then the mold was ground down and destroyed, never to be used again.  Included with each piece, was a small plastic container holding some of the metal shavings of the mold.  A great concept if you are a collector of limited diecast, as this model will never be made again.  With the original announcement there were 2 other castings announced: Hennessey HPE700 Chevy Camaro and Callaway SC652 Chevy Corvette.  These aren’t planned anymore as we know of, but there has been a Hennessey Camaro and Callaway Corvette in the regular lines of AW.  Will we see anymore castings coming from this line?  Nobody knows.  But would be a excellent idea if they did.  For now, enjoy these pictures of the Challenger Wide Body.  Awesome pieces……


Black/Gray :  1 of 5000 produced(Serial numbered 5001-10,000 on base), Originally sold at Toys R Us and a exact replica of Auto World owner Tom Lowe’s personal car.


White/Black:  1 of 5000(Serial numbered 1-5000 on base), Originally sold at Toys R Us


Silver/Black:  1 of 3000(Serial numbered 1-3000 on base), Originally sold through Hobby Dealers

Orange/Black:  1 of 1500(Serial numbered 1-1500 on base)


Included in the next picture, is a example of the plastic case containing some of the tool shavings.


Here’s another group picture of the Wide Body’s




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