Brian Moffitt Customs: A Showcase



Brian Moffit Customs:  A Showcase

By: Steve Hakari

Date:  05/05/2015

A fan of odd and unusual customs?  Then the customs that come from the mind of Brian Moffitt, are right up your alley.  He just cannot leaving a piece of diecast in its original state, I has to be modified to some point.  Every piece is a surprise, and has an unexpected twist.  For example, the piece pictured above.  The truck started as a Custom ’62 Chevy, and has an extra rear axe added, the cab and bed stretched, and the hood is now removable.  2 Schwinn bikes are now in the bed.  With the trailer, it is streteched over 3 times the size of the GMC Motorhome it started as, and has an extra axle added.  You could say that this is a basic Moffitt custom, though not normal.  Pictured directly below, is Brian’s newest creation he is working on, the “Fett-ish.”  Look for a future article on this build, as it looks to be a awesome looking piece.  Following “Fett-ish”, is a sampling of some of Brian’s past work.  Hot World Customs would like to welcome Brian as a contributor to the blog.  We look forward to seeing more and more of Brian’s wild creations.  Welcome Mr. Moffitt!




-Some of Brian’s past work-





















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