Big Bad Birthday Project – aka BBB Project.

Updated December 20, 2004

As Legends Go…………..


IDEA:           Some custom guys in a chat room – all discussing custom truck building.  The thought of a Birthday present for one of the members – Big Bad Birthday Project  – That they would all contribute to and in the end it would be an incredible collaborative project.  The “build” would later be re-named Busters Big Build after one of the team member’s dog who plays a key roll in helping with custom truck design – chuckle, chuckle.

SCENARIO:     Each member of the team would contribute to a portion of the build for this project.  It was decided after discussion, that a heavy hauler unit, generally used for incredible moving projects would be re-created.  The subject matter of the move would be a 1/64th scale steam locomotive.  In real life this piece would weigh tons and require a magnificent piece of equipment to move – A Prime Mover as it has been called.  After additional research, the trailer was designed and built.

Millerlite – “Several Board Members have gotten together and are building a single rig.  It will be a heavy Hauling rig to haul a train locomotive… Parts will be built by  each member and then shipped all over the world (literally) to add their part of the puzzle.”

CAST:             DeWayne aka HCMini, Eric aka Redmac, Ken aka Millerlite, Ade aka Scaniaman111, Steve aka Model Mechanic and Carl aka Diesel Dummy 2.  Additional contributions by Mini-Motors, Inc.

SCOPE:    The scope of the project detailed as follows:

                        HCMini –     Heavy Haulage Trailer and Locomotive

                        Redmac –    Pusher and Ballast

                        Scaniaman111-    Prime Movers (3 Units)

                        Model Mechanic –     Pilot Car/Truck

                        Diesel Dummy2-    Police Vehicles

                        Millerlite-    Coordinator / Decals

                        MINI-MOTORS – Documentation, Pictures and Support Trucks



A project of this magnitude would need adequate Pulling Power to accomplish the task.  One Peterbilt and One Kenworth were acquired that, when used together, would have enough torque to roll this massive project.   This portion of the build was done by Ade, aka Scaniaman111 as he is known.  Extra axles were added to the Pete and the units painted to match with appropriate safety marker lights.    




The units were tested for horsepower on a heavy equipment subject near in weight.


The painted units.


To move a massive piece like these rigs will be doing, would also require the assistance of a security escort.  Standard roadways would need to be secured for a unit of this nature to pass.  Security would generally accompany a project like this watching traffic, working with police and accommodating spotters for the journey.  The unit itself and the decals completed by Project Coordinator and consultant Ken, aka Millerlite.   It was originally done as a test for the look of the decals but will be joining the fleet as a permanent member of the convoy.  



Here all all three units prepped for final work. 



Here are the completed and decaled units Ready for the Operations.

The names of the contributors have been listed on the rear of each sleeper.


After a large amount of research and review of other “Heavy Hauler” projects, DeWayne, aka. HCMinis, designed from scratch (mind you) a concept for the trailer to be used in this project.  Something that could support the massive weigh of the Engine and move it to its destination.  

Dewayne completed all the concept drawings, the development of axles and positioning, turning mechanics, and the scratch building of the components.  When put together the results have become nothing less than AMAZING: 



Trucks were used to assess maneuverability and rolling capabilities.







After intense negotiations and appropriate DMV Permit filing, Carl – DieselDummy2 – was able to secure two of Indiana’s Finest to escort the Mover and secure the roadways and assist in the control of public onlookers.  Public safety issues are of a big concern with a project move of this nature.  


As one can imagine, a project of this magnitude requires numerous tools, cables, straps, and other equipment.  Recognizing this need, MINI-MOTORS has stepped up to supply two custom vehicles for these tasks.  The first is a restored 57 Suburban – Used in days-gone-by for hauling items of support.



The unit completely redone – new interior and equipment storage bins, the exterior was shot with matching white paint and numerous clear coats.  New “shoes” were added for the long moving project and a custom chrome visor attached and numerous details have been added.  


The picture above shows the before and after shots of the unit.  

It was to-be-determined whether or not this truck would “lead the pack” with Donut decals for the Indy Police to follow or if it will actually be used for supporting the Prime Mover equipment – notice the Krispy Kreme logo on the front fender!


The second vehicle donated by Mini-Motors would also be utilized as a support vehicle.   Starting with a scale, stark Step-side delivery van – it was retrofitted as an additional support unit.  


Additional Escort Units

With a mover of this size – ya gotta have more escort units.  Just no question about it.  Jaydeez Donated two units to help with the transport.


Even More Pullers??  

Scaniaman111 knew right away after seeing the units lined up that MORE horsepower would be necessary – coming to the rescue with his custom made COE.  



Even Air Support ??  

Yes, it was determined that air support for spotting and so forth was also necessary.  This unit, courtesy of Redmac was commissioned to spot and secure the unit by air.    


Support Vehicles all together


The Display 

This piece when completed and all contribution collected was put on display, in its entirety and in completed form, at the 14th Annual National Toy Truck ’N Construction Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, August 20, 21 & 22, 2004 at the Adams Mark Airport Hotel.  the pictures below show the completed display at the HC Minis booth that weekend.  




Although all the contributors could not attend – a number were on hand.  


From left to right: DeWayne H, Ade (from across the pond), Carl and Ken S.    

 A great project from a great bunch of people!!  Congrats to you all on a job well done!

Special thanks to Ken S. for supplying a number of the pictures used in this article.  

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