Schuco History


Schuco History

Note: This information has been transferred from one of the best Schuco reference sites I have seen. We thank Thomas “Moon” for partnering with us and, hopefully, bringing this information to a whole new group of collectors.  This information was originally published on

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We have included the core of his site here for reference purposes but Thomas has all of his collection pictured on the site. 


Schuco Opel Restoration


Schuco Opel Restoration – Pictorial Transition


Schuco VW Restore


Schuco VW Cabriolet Restore / Custom Project Pictorial


Schuco – Benz Restore


Schuco Mercedes Benz Restore / Custom Limo Project


Penny – The Second Series


[Originally Published Article 12.5.2009 on] By: Maarten Tys The first Penny series (Politoys’ small-scale modelcars series) included a series of ’60 F1’s, a series of nicely detailed road cars on rubber tires and some Alfa Romeo vans and Lancia Esadelta trucks, all are made in metal and in scale 1/66. That series ran from 1965 until at least 1971 (in ’70 and ’71 only a few more versions of the Alfa van were released), and was numbered 0/1 to 0/205. An incomplete but nevertheless very interesting list of these can be found in Dr. Force’s and Paolo Rampini’s books. In 1972 and 1973, a second series of cars was produced, numbered Y10 to Y121 (or J10 to J121) (more…)

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