Kyosho – Bentley MiniCar Collection Release 72


Once in a while you run across a die cast or set of die casts that make you “OOOO” and “AHH” like it is the Fourth of July Fireworks display – I had that feeling when I first opened the MiniChamps Bentley Brooklands released a few years back. So, when it Kyosho announced that Release 72 of the Minicar Collection was to be ALL Bentleys, my excitement was to be expected.   (more…)

World’s Largest S-Scale Model Diorama With Working Trains & Street Cars!

Found this on YouTube and thought is was interesting – for those of you looking to build a Diorama.  This sets the bar pretty high – LOL!


The oldest trick in the special effects book: Go behind the scenes with Michael Pau | Hemmings Daily


INCREDIBLE article on the work of Michael Paul Smith and his 1/24th scale pictures.   While not our traditional 1/64th scale, it is applicable to any scale.   Very cool stuff! Photos by Michael Paul Smith, courtesy Animal Publishing Group

Source: The oldest trick in the special effects book: Go behind the scenes with Michael Pau | Hemmings Daily

Spoilers – Rebel Rods Step-Brothers

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Spoilers – Rebel Rods Step-Brothers

Added 6/5/2015

The original Rebel Rods ended their run at #19, numbers beyond that were not part of the original line-up. With Release 2 dying the Rebel Rods name was never re-used.   In its place was a similarly characterized, open engine line which became part of the Street Freaks releases and eventually included the Spoilers line in the final Forever 64 run prior to production ceasing. (more…)

Schuco Restorations


Schuco Restorations

The Schuco Models are highly suitable for restoration due to their simplified assembly, usually with simple rivet construction. Doors open which does add some complexity, however it is easily worked with. For restorations only models which are well used but still complete become subjects for each project. The axles from 0,5mm metal which can be relatively easy to arranged. Wheel covers and tires are from other donors in which parts were used to help others. The Decals are water-slide created from pictures and other easily obtainable sources. The bodies must be thoroughly stripped in order to be properly cleaned and prepped. Lacquer paints are used through a standard airbrush and are sometimes custom mixed.


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