Airbrushing Flames #2



-Airbrushing Flames – Second Method-


Second Method – In this method we’ll use the “positive” mask image. Because of the “scale” match and because quality flame masks are not easily made, Hot Headz are being used for this method:



Here is a ’32 Delivery body in pearl white.

The flame masks are being applied to the side(s) of the Delivery using an X-Acto knife to carefully position them.

Here’s how they look when fully applied.


And with another mask applied to the roof.


The remaining process is pretty straight-forward. The main body color should be sprayed over the remaining portion of the body being sure to coat the entire car. Then use a sharp X-Acto knife to carefully remove the flame masks once the paint has dried thoroughly. The result will be a very nice set of pearl white flames! You can lightly sand to feather the edges if necessary or just clear coat.

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