“How To” Project- Repairing Damaged Glass


-“How-To” Project-

Repairing Damaged Glass

By Gerry Lauzon

#1   Gerry recently acquired this Fiat 131 by Matchbox which which he wanted to rebuild to his personal tastes. One step that is always important in a rebuild is bringing the “glass” back up to specs. Luckily the glass on this one was not cracked or pitted to badly.

Here is the subject in its original state:


#2 Remove the glass and clean it with a toothbrush before doing anything. As you can see the damaged wheels on the casting have all ready been swapped.


#3 Now wet sand the glass with 400 grit or finer sandpaper to level out the entire piece. Do this until you feel the surface being smooth all over.


#4 Your next step is to use metal polish like Mother’s and rub the entire piece with a finger while doing circles. Feel the surface get even smoother. This helps even out and ridges and marks potentially left by the sandpaper.


#5 Buff out the polish using a buffing cloth. Use your hands, as the plastic is thin and brittle. Power units such as a Dremel tool are not suggested.


#6 Using Future floor wax/polish, which has a high concentration of acrylic, fill a shallow bowl, or in this case an old blister container, dip the piece until coated.


#7 The piece is set level for proper drying. A wait of 12 hours is suggested before even thinking about moving or using the piece.


#8   Here’s the glass on the car which is in its preliminary state.


This is the completed car:


Future floor wax can be brushed on as well, however dipping gives it more even coverage. Gerry also dips the glass from newer castings to make it more transparent since the acrylic in the Future fills in the micro cracks present in the plastic.

Thanks to Gerry for his Contribution to the site.

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