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Restoring a Classic Batmobile


Restoring a classic by Mark Hosaflook
Everybody has his or her favorite car and I am no exception to the rule. By far the car that has been my favorite is the 60’s TV version of the Batmobile. That period in general has always been my favorite and as a small child I also had a dream team of cars in my stable. The Batmobile, Munster Koach, The Black Beauty, The Monkeemobile, too many Tom Daniel castings to name were all in my dream garage. Fortunately Johnny Lightning has been able to do most of those castings but the one that has always eluded everyone is the Batmobile. The only alternative is, to find old castings that were done before all the politics and licensing problems.

You need to find some donor castings. Actually there are some pretty nice castings to choose from, the most common being from Corgi. To buy them right, chances are they will be pretty beat up but with Johnny Lightning’s Wheel Kits and some black paint, you should be able to come out with a pretty neat casting when we are done.


Get your hands on some Wheel Kits. They come in three sizes of 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm. Some castings require different lengths on the same casting so I try and have all three sizes on hand at all times. Mini-Motors Inc. is an excellent source for these if they are still available.


Drill the casting apart. Remember you only need to grind the head off not the whole post. The Corgi chassis is plastic so it will not take much grinding to get the job done.


Disassemble; take inventory of missing parts, clean and prep for painting.


There is no need to take off the original paint if the body is in decent shape. Sand down any chips so your top coat finish looks smooth when you apply a couple of new coats of black paint. This is a prime candidate for a can paint job. If you have a nasty casting you need to do a total strip and primer coat. These areas are covered really well on other posts so I will not go over those steps here.


Wheels are a matter of preference. I wanted one car to look close to Rader rims so I picked the ones you see here. I also love redlines so these were a “must” as well.


I mixed a little water base orange and hot pink together to make the cerise color stripes you see on the original. I did them by hand in about two minutes and they were dry to the touch in about five minutes total. I added a siren, an antenna and a tuft of smoke from the turbo-jet engine. My windshield was so damaged, I painted it over with blue stained glass paint then I ran a band of silver paint around the canopy edge.



I added a little diorama to top the whole thing off. I call it the 6th Batmobile!


Thanks to Mark H. for a great project!!

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