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-A Scale-Master Gallery-

There are simply too many awesome pieces for us to feature here at Hot World Customs of Mark D. Jones aka Scale-Master ‘s work, so in an effort to allow the viewers of this site even more opportunity to view his work, We asked Mark to assemble some of his favorite that we have not featured and give us some insight on the build – we hope you enjoy some of his additional work. 

“At any given time my favorite custom is usually the one I’m working on. But a several I have stayed at the top of my favorite list over the years.”

The Torpedo Jones and Black Wing Oil Special are going to be long term favorites of mine, I knew it as soon as I finished them.   The Torpedo was done first and features a scratchbuilt/machined engine. Four cylinder, air-cooled, fuel injected two stroke with dual ignition. The custom made wire wheels really set it off too.




The BlackWing Oil Special followed the same basic theme, but I kept the engine and just wired and plumbed it.   Again I added new wires and tires as well as big drum brakes. The saddle tanks were also reshaped and some small machined items were added like the steering wheel.



When I first saw the Tooned cars they didn’t do much for me, but the Deora was different, it had some attitude in it. This one just came out cool to me.   I made some Fuchs style wheels for it and slammed it. A little carbon fiber decal on the scoop to update it and some custom decals to keep it rooted in it’s history. The engine was wired and plumbed.


Did this Jada Merc for a friend. Swapped out the wheels to another project, but when I saw the casting I knew exactly how I was going to paint it.



A couple Wild Things, loosely based on the GeeBee Racer planes. I need to do another custom with this casting…



The Side Kick was my favorite Hot Wheels as kid for a time when it kicked every other neighborhood kid’s HW’s butt when we raced. The working “door” was an added benefit. When it was re-released I had to get one, (or 10) and mimic the style of the ‘70’s show rod customs.



The Fast Fuse appealed to me as a Dream Car of the ‘60s. I used a Whip Creamer II turbine, yes it still spins and painted it like so many cars of that era were done.



Had do something grand for the Ground FX. A mix of custom decals and painting.



A ’69 Chevy pick up with ’59 Caddy bed…



Swoopy Do. Granted, this car was a true peg warmer, at least around here. But I noticed the similarity of the design and the Gas Company logo. And off I went…



Thanks to Mark for sharing some of his favorites with us.

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