1:64 Scale Truck Reference


1/64th Scale Truck Reference

This list was started as a reference for the none mainstream pieces that are out in the truck world. The mainstream groups would be defined as Ertl, Penjoy, DCP, PEM, Winross, etc.

This list was started to log the pieces outside those traditional truck manufacturing companies currently fulfilling 1/64th scale, are offered by common manufacturers, but may have been overlooked by the collectors. Any contributions to this list both by name and/or picture are welcome, this list will be open ended and continue as contributions are made. Please send your list to the email listed at the bottom of the page.

Pictures will be added as available.

Matchbox – King Sized and Superkings

The old King Sized and the newer Superkings produced quite a few pieces that could be considered 1/64th scale in nature. Most of the trucks teetered very close to this scale while the cars appeared to dwarf them, as in the main 3″ line. This is the listing we have compiled so far:

K 6 GMC MH9500 Tri-axle mixer.

M 4 GMC Fruehauf Hopper Trailer Train

K5 Racing Car Transporter

K7 Refuse Truck

K13 Building Transporter

K 16 Dodge Fruehauf Tippers in green with yellow dumps

K 16 Dodge Fruehauf Tippers in Yellow with blue dumps and speed wheels

K16 Articulated Dump Truck – Ford Tractor

K16 Texaco Tanker Truck – Ford Tractor

K17 Articulated Container Truck

K23 Low Loader and Bulldozer

K20 Cargo Hauler

K27 Boat Transport

K34 Pallet Truck

K117 Scania Bulldozer Transport


Looking for information here on the 1/64th scale line of transporters released in Europe.


The pieces here are hit and miss. We have only listed the one’s we are sure are close to scale – please let us know if you have any additions:

The 3000/4000 Series pieces spurred a number of pieces that range in the 1/60-1/64 scale, dominantly in the tractor trailer venues. The trucks utilizing the Renault, Volvo, Kenworth, GMC and what appears to be a Ford tractor (comparatively) all are very close to the appropriate sizing and warrant a second look. Some of the variations are listed with their reference number (these numbers are from the published catalog and may have been changed):

Renault Container truck (3044)                                      Kenworth Car Carrier (3095)

Renault Dual Container Truck (3062)                            Kenworth Log Transporter (3090.1)

Volvo Car Carrier (3071)                                                 GMC Cement Mixer (4502)

Volvo Boat Transporter (3073)                                      GMC Flatbed Transport (4503.1)

Ford Semi Tanker Transport (3076)                              Ford Super Crane tractor/trailer (4515)

Ford Flatbed Transport with Bulldozer (3097)             Ford Maxi Dump Truck (4518)

Ford Coast Guard Boat Transport (3090.2)                  Ford Pipe Transporter (4516)

Renault Pinder Container Truck (3055.1)                    Ford Plane Transporter (no #)

Renault Horse Transporter (no #)                                  Kenworth Race Car Transporter (no #)

Telescopic Crane Truck (4511) This unit appears to be “dead-on” 1/64th, however we have not had on in hand to compare.

The remaining pieces in the 3000/4000 series – cars, SUVs, farm pieces – are too large for comparison to this scale.   We have no detail on the construction equipment pieces at this time.

Road Champs

All of these items are registered as 1/43rd scale but they are clearly not in that venue. The scale appears to have been set based on the length of the castings not by using actual scale dimensions. These items work well with 1/64th scale vehicles – both cars and trucks – and range from about 1/60th size scale to about 1/70th. IN any case decent items to look for and even customize.

Step-Delivery Van     (common liveries include Doritos, Uhaul and USPS)

Jerr-Dan Rollback / Car Hauler Unit     (produced in both gray and red rollback unit)

Garbage Truck     (Numerous liveries – common Waste management)

Recycling truck     (Waste Management only version seen)

Winnebago     (slightly smaller in numerous color and tampo variations)

School Bus    (almost perfect scale)

Beverage Truck     (based on recycling and hauler truck chassis – numerous variations)

Road Champs Straight Box Truck   (most commonly seen UHaul unit – also slightly larger than previous pieces)


Do you know of more that are not on the list?? Please contact us at mini-motors@comcast.net

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